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St. Petersburg by Sasha Belle St. Petersburg,
Sasha Belle

"Sudden Thaw," Oleg Rysyev "Sudden Thaw,"
Oleg Rysyev

"Ekaterininsky Little Garden," Oleg Rysyev "Ekaterininsky Little Garden," Oleg Rysyev

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St. Petersburg Music Guide

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St. Petersburg Music Guide features unique information on history, music venues, orchestras, music museums, music libraries, music biographies, music festivals, music groups, and cemeteries in St. Petersburg, Russia. Explore the richness of St. Petersburg's musical life past and present with never before seen photos, learn about music personalities less known to western audiences, listen to music from St. Petersburg - one of the musical capitals of the world.


"Smolny Cathedral," Oleg Rysyev "Smolny Cathedral,"
Oleg Rysyev

"North Palmyra," Oleg Rysyev "North Palmyra,"
Oleg Rysyev